Scaffold 22
Scaffold 22 Released!

RAGE Productions is proud to announce Scaffold 22, a cyberpunk-inspired roleplaying game set in the distant future of humanity.

Take on the role of Vine, a former mercenary hired to investigate the true nature of an insidious conspiracy, and explore the crowded walkways, vibrant night clubs, and gloomy back alleys of the massive space station Scaffold 22 in search of truth – and justice.
Hunt down vile abominations, sneak past security teams to hack into corporate systems, or forgo violence in search of diplomatic solutions – and potential allies who might help you survive in a treacherous world rife with corruption, political intrigue, and ideological conflict.
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Key Features
  • Fully illustrated cyberpunk-inspired world
  • Branching narrative with multiple outcomes
  • 6-10 hours of core gameplay
  • Numerous combat and noncombat options
  • Intuitive turn-based combat system
  • Extensive gear, upgrade, and skill options
  • browser-based and available on any device
  • free to play
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