Scaffold 22
Cyclus Universe Worldbuilding Project
Cyclus is a fictional world, currently in the second draft, which spans eight novels and the interactive fiction RPG Scaffold 22, also available at RAGE Productions. The narrative story is supported by an illustrated wiki.
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Beginning in the tumultuous Dark Ages that follow the collapse of the Terran Empire, Cyclus explores 10'000 years of galactic history.
It is an age of uncertainty and change. Radical new ideas clash with traditionalists who cling to the legacies of their forefathers. Soon a new galactic order will rise in the aftermath of the already-forgotten galactic civil war.
As the human lifespan is defined and re-defined by the march of technology, politics turn sour and warfare spills across the stars, plunging civilization after civilization into chaos.
To most this is merely human nature; the price the species pays for progress and profit. But to a select few these events hint at a greater power in the universe: the unstoppable, inevitable force of the Cosmic Cycle.
Scaffold 22
Scaffold 22 - Free to Play Interactive Fiction RPG
RAGE Productions presents Scaffold 22, a cyberpunk-inspired roleplaying game set in the Cyclus universe.
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Take on the role of Vine, a former mercenary hired to investigate the true nature of an insidious conspiracy, and explore the crowded walkways, vibrant night clubs, and gloomy back alleys of the massive space station Scaffold 22 in search of truth - and justice.
Hunt down vile abominations, sneak past security teams to hack into corporate systems, or forgo violence in search of diplomatic solutions - and potential allies who might help you survive in a treacherous world rife with corruption, political intrigue, and ideological conflict.