Scaffold 22
The Cyclus project is an extensive sci-fi worldbuilding endeavor, currently in the first draft stage. The story of Cyclus spans ten novels, several shorts, an interactive fiction RPG, and a universe database (wiki) covering 15’000 years of galactic history in the Cyclus universe.
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Warning: Unedited First Draft
The Cyclus narrative texts and associated wiki are presently entirely unedited and are in need of considerable polishing. The Cyclus narrative and wiki will be updated regularly as of the beginning of 2020, with the completion date estimated to be sometime in early 2022.
Scaffold 22
Storytelling & Worldbuilding
The purpose of Cylcus is primarily to create an extensive space opera, published as a series of nine novels and short stories, which are made freely available via this site. Secondarily, the project endeavors to examine the process of creating and managing a complex world, though the exact details of this aspect are yet to be determined.