Scaffold 22
Cyclus is a fictional world that spans nine novels and the interactive fiction RPG Scaffold 22, also available at RAGE Productions.
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Current State – Full Rewrite
As of January 2021 the entire Cyclus storyline is being re-written from the ground up to create a better and more coherent plot. The current set of 9 novel-length stories is the planned total, which will likely be done sometime in the coming years. This website currently acts as a worldbuilding & editing tool and does not represent the final product.
Scaffold 22
About Cyclus
The narrative tells the 10’000 year story of the Cyclus galaxy’s modern era, beginning on the ice-world Al Habe in the year 20’752 galactic standard, two thousand years after the disastrous Great Warended. The local baron, Lord Otto Vindell, tries to maintain order on his homeworld as disaster after disaster strikes, driving a rift between Otto and his best friend, Governor Raic. The story soon expands from this localized conflict to events that take place across the galaxy as the social, political, and theological drama of the modern age unfolds.
Scaffold 22
Cyclus is the sort of setting where railguns and FTL drives exist alongside paladins and witches covens and, while the existence of magic has been disproven by science, many have come to fear the otherworldly influence of the beyond – and others ridicule the superstitious for their irrational beliefs. What everyone in Cyclus can agree on is that their religion, culture and political vision for the future is superior to all others and no expense will be spared to prove this, even if it brings the galaxy to it’s knees in the process.