Scaffold 22

Key Features

Narrative Focus
A rich roleplaying experience brought to life through illustrations and your imagination, Scaffold 22 blends the narrative strength of traditional prose with the detailed mechanics of modern video games. In this futuristic world ruled by corrupt clerics, fraught with rampant capitalism, and plagued by abominable monsters, it’s down to your investigative and inter-personal skills to unravel a treacherous conspiracy and determine whose version of the truth is most believable.
Scaffold 22 is both simple to use and easy to play. With an average content length of 6-10 hours, you can play through once and more on to other titles, or stick around to replay the game and try out alternative routes. The branching narrative features seven unique endings and numerous optional progressions, offering a wide range of content – all without overwhelming the player.
Experience Scaffold 22 on any device – desktop, mobile, or otherwise – with no additional download or installation required. The only prerequisites are an up-to-date browser and an active internet connection.
Brave the overcrowded walkways and dark side passages of Scaffold 22 as you face off against monsters, machines, and men in a turn based combat system – or forgo violence entirely in search of peaceful solutions. There’s never a right or wrong course of action in this tumultuous future, just methods that work and ones that don’t; actions and consequences which come together to shape your unique narrative experience.
True to its roleplaying roots, Scaffold 22 is more than just the sum of its plot and mechanics. Whether you prefer optimizing battle gear for the inevitable showdown, delving into the secrets of long-forgotten civilizations, or wasting away in drug-induced euphoria at the local night club, the world of Scaffold 22 is positively overflowing with life and unique encounters drawn from all corners of Science Fiction tradition.
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