Scaffold 22
Scaffold 22 is a cyberpunk RPG set in the distant future. The galaxy is divided, its spiritual life dictated by the Church of Eden, while the Corporate Hegemony endeavors to squeeze every last credit from its loyal customer base. As dubious officials bicker over tax rates and trade agreements, smugglers and criminals make their names in the shadows, peddling goods no other would dare traffic.
Slip into the role of Vine, a former mercenary lieutenant who lives on Scaffold 22, an enormous space station that houses billions of inhabitants. Trapped in a world beset by political conspiracy, abominable mutations, and ideological conflict, it falls to you to unravel a dark secret that may determine the future of all mankind for generations to come.
Narrative & Illustration
Scaffold 22 underlines its narrative prose with artwork, much in the way a traditional visual novel might. The key word here being underlines. We firmly believe in the power of imagination and want to let our readers picture our world as individually as possible.
Extensive Roleplaying
On the other hand, Scaffold 22 remains a roleplaying game at heart. We believe the roots of this genre deserve to be respected and have placed just as much importance on gear accumulation, character customization, and turn-based combat as we have on gripping storytelling.
Adaptive Playstyle
More importantly, we believe every RPG should cater to a variety of play styles. Maybe you’re partial to the gun-slinging space cowboy archetype. Or perhaps you prefer to play drug-addicted maniacs prone to harsh language and bloody decapitations. Even the level-headed diplomat ever seeking for peaceful solutions isn’t out of place in this adventure. It’s all up to how you choose to deal with situations as they arise.
Last but not least, text-based media lend themselves well to portraying social interaction and Scaffold 22 takes advantage of this. Whether it’s drowning your sorrows the local night club with a friend or crashing at home after an action-packed adventure, the struggles of everyday life in this cyberpunk world play a central role – if you want them to. One way or another, the rich and varied world of Scaffold 22 promises to be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.
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