Scaffold 22
Change Log
Version 1.4
Date: Sept 26 2022
  • added anointments / tweaks as upgrades for primary and secondary weapons
  • redid scrap yard upgrade system and added vendor inventory rotation
  • changed outfit / weapon / enemy lists so they’re generated in code rather than static text
  • refactored a lot of code as part of the above
  • miniscule fix to codex displays (note: most item descriptions are still missing; this is a known issue and may never be fixed due to the tedium of copy & paste)
Version 1.3.2
Date: Sep 12 2022
  • added additional bioaugs to anska (require to have visited siren’s song to gain access); could be considered Tier 2 bio augs and they unlock some stuff that the regular augs can’t do.
  • removed fleshmolds as there is no reasonable way to make fleshmolds and skin slot work together, excepting the abominated fleshmold (which remains as a fleshmold) – fleshmold benefits now moved to skin slot, basically
  • tweaks to skill display, added “cancel” button to skills so you can unselect them
  • added “overcrit” to combat system; if you have more than 100% crit chance, you gain +50% crit damage (non scaling)
  • overhauled game intro slightly to provide more random options and prevent all starting characters being the same
  • added “other” gender – really just randomized gender with the gender hidden from player in stats screen; best we can do
  • reworked augment shops to work with new augment system, see below. increased cost of most augments
  • reworked augment system to allow one augment per body “slot” (head, arm, chest)
  • installing cybernetic augments reduces non-cyber augments integration speed both immediately and by slowing integration; calculation always done on installing. soft cap rather than hard “must go full cyber” or “must go full bio” mechanic; can still mix and match but it’s more difficult (necessary balance decision due to how overpowered 3 augments can become)
  • introduced “skin” selections for player, which mostly serve a cosmetic purpose (though some have additional effects)
  • overhaul of Riptide Zanex encounter so Marisa doesn’t randomly seem to kill Wilkin; player can now provide input and affect convo directly
  • work towards exo armor acting as a second “layer” over the character’s existing armor that can be destroyed; not sure if bug-free in current inception
  • changed exo armor logic so normal weapons are now used in exos – if the player has no primary weapon, they will pick up the Rail Cannon, otherwise they just use their normal weapons
  • cannot use exo armor in heavy armor now (bulky don’t fit)
  • several timing / trigger adaptations to prevent player getting too swamped by scenes early on, as several scenes had… odd triggers
  • finishing touches added to gear / item stats screens
  • slight adjustments to combat & gear calculations, required to fix minor issues
  • can now “save” ingame music at home, for customized home sound track
  • replaced null rifle with M1B “Baby Raptor” to better fit Petrovic’s heavy weapons theme and also the old weapons was boring.
  • more fixes towards new power armor system
  • numerous fixes to the dynasty tomb mission
  • numerous tweaks & fixes to combat
  • fixed various stat display oddities
  • various fixes and error corrections
Version 1.3.1
Date: Sep 06 2022
  • switched ammo capacity upgrade to percentage increase rather than flat bonus to help balance ammo loads
  • weapon stats screen now lists ammo types & penetration modifiers directly
  • changed small magazine sidearms (MF-R2, LICH, etc) to fire entire magazine as, with new ammo model, they were basically self sustaining monsters – also adjusted accuracies to match
  • changed cybercarbine to cyber / arc caster type weapon
  • fixed Sons of the Stars part of Fisher / Xanex quest being able to get stuck in endless loop at Cult of Juno
  • fixed bad upgrade code for optical cybernetics
  • fixes towards better handling of the Level B40 Store Room scene (might have made things worse tho)
  • fixed typos in tutorial
  • fixed several minor bugs & errors
  • numerous additional fixes and tweaks
Version 1.3
Date: Dec 12 2021
  • updated plot related year to: 27949 to match Cyclus
  • redid abomination’s infections mechanics so they proc more often even when player isn’t “directly hit” – hopefully will now be a nuisance as intended rather than rare occurence which punishes playing with armor
  • added numerous missing upgrades / made unused images used
  • refactored silent / precision takedowns so they can now be done with more than one weapon; added alternative weapons for silent / precision takedown
  • refactored all combat options / weapons to use unified code – fixed several bugs related to combat & bad values being used
  • refactored all buy / upgrade dialogs to use new system; small adjustments made to vendor lists in process of doing this, all in the vein of “anti-furstration features”
  • added popups for addicted / exhausted / infected (only occurs once)
  • added dynamic item sell / refund prices so that replacing lategame items isn’t quite as punishing; full price still required to buy
  • added Void Suit to Outer Spheres mission (seemed approproate given it’s in a ship and art existed); void suit affected by voider talents as expected
  • added numerous images to various passages; fixed various illogical text bits
  • added tutorial messages for various mechanics
  • added second encounter with beggar captain after main mission complete
  • added additional plot information related to main storyline in attempt to fill plot holes
  • added several new melee weapons; added axe from High Court mission
  • changed various bits of text to fit new / revised lore
  • changed job income modifier from 1.1-1.35 rather than very slight increase it used to be
  • changed various random merc encounters to give slightly more loot diversity
  • fixes towards lategame battles not being trivialized by plot items
  • fixes towards ith becoming insufferable grouch and blocking game progress (can befriend through alternate route now)
  • fixed several typos in cryo-conference
  • fixed issues with warlock core; removed DDOS, changed lore slightly
  • fixed various bugs
  • numerous minor tweaks and fixes
Version 1.2.1
Date: Dec 8 2021
  • added +10 armor to all Ogers ingame as they were wimpy pushovers; ogers and stringcrabs now have weakness to plasma weapons
  • added special effect icons for all special item types that can be used in combat
  • added compare functionality so items can be compared more easily
  • removed aggrevating side effect of Muscular Amplificator as it seriously compromised builds
  • changed PDA vitals display to show agression / caution / stress as bar graphs, color coded for convenience, to make clearer how character is progressing. moved class indication to inztinct button (has no real effect if char does not have inztinct active, sooo…)
  • changed time display in PDA to show leading zeroes and give more clear time indicators
  • changed experience calculation to give ~50% of existing experience, to keep player power curve going up longer, rather than plateauing about 1/3 into the game
  • changed PC display width to match UI size better (like in Cyclus); swapped images to display on left of screen
  • changed Otto’s encoutner to include loot and fixed several bugs / omissions; completing this mission now gives 500c (rather than 100c) raise
  • changed display of combat-triggered status abilities (exubrent, electron, etc) to not display status text IN combat, only BEFORE combat.
  • changed game option “prompt” style from arrow to greater than symbol and changed display to CSS rather than inline text
  • changed briaback facility logic so, if power armor is used, it will fail before the final confrontation occurs (unless Inztinct is inactive). This forces player to confront abomination on foot, which was previously easily avoided and thus made final encounter a bit meaningless.
  • fixed glamorous apparel not applying fashionable trait – now applies hidden fashion trait
  • fixed issue related to siren song’s entry check not allowing skimy outfits to enter even though text showed them as passing checks
  • fixed bug that would lock out cybercult if player did a completely unrelated scene with Fisher in the Riptide
  • fixed / changed condition for Lavandri info-scene so it will trigger even if the player hasn’t talked to Wilkin but the corporate conference has occurred
  • fixed Gal’s dialog not behaving properly / breaking in several options
  • fixed Xjanu-4 not being usable in combat with appropriate skill
  • fixed bug where leaving Siren’s Song could cause weapons to remain indefinitely hidden – added catch-all that any scene that shows tramway interface will also un-hide weapons (in case similar bugs recur)
  • fixed bug where chosing to support SoK would lock in faction Kobol and then prevent payment, possibly forever if player didn’t visit docks fast enough, rather than just locking in faction temporarily until player makes defining faction choice at docks, which was the intended behavior.
  • fixed several bugs which prevented aquisition of fusion sphere as part of the Archway mission – also fixed several continuity errors in mission prose.
  • slight tweaks to companion damage
  • fixed razorfan buying without confirmation dialog
  • fixed minor typos
  • redid most item / skill effects consistently as coded elements rather than flavor texts; should work for (most) items now, though code is still spaghetti and actual translation of flags to game effects is still unaltered from old code
  • redid upgrade system to be more forgiving and functional
  • redid files to build in latest Twine editor version
  • removed patching system – was never really useful as game is not widely played
Version 1.2
Date: Apr 18 2021
  • final release (barring bugfixes)
  • added BioAugment “melding” with two levels that unlock the longer the augment is installed and CyberAugment upgrades what do not require time to unlock but can only take one of three upgrades; gameplay function matches lore (more or less). this completes feature wish-list as it was lain out around version 1.1
  • swapping between BioAugs now resets to 50% melded. switching out cybernetics always costs full and removes upgrades (but purchased upgrades can be re-bought for cheap once purchased)
  • reduced cost of all cybernetics by ~1k due to new upgrade system
  • moved CyberGun upgrades to Ashlake as it made sense with the new Cybernetics system
  • slight tweaks to combat and augment bonuses to (hopefully mostly) do what it says in the PDA screen; may still be some hidden effects but it’s much clearer now
  • fixed up various classes to ensure skills are all interesting and thematic and have skills actually worth taking. too many slight tweaks to mention. fixed several skills either doing nothing or not being aquirable. may still be bugs in the system.
  • brought forsaken class up to scratch with others; got forgotten. changed focus from toxin bolts to ViroDiscs as there is no shock / toxin weapon combo that also fits Forsaken builds thematically.
  • added 3rd upgrade for MF-G6, creating a matching and viable endgame weapon for Fleshsuit gear, which did not exist previously. Fleshsuit derrived fleshmolds now intended to synergize with the Voidheart class.
  • expanded forsaken sell options to match the class. removed N3CR buy option from Petrovic as it’s now available in the Forsaken Shrine once you join the Forsaken. added Mourning Shroud as feminine version of Deathshroud.
  • update force-resets all skills due to some skill functions being changed almost entirely from their original function which can ruin builds. unlocked skills are not re-locked even if some conditions changed.
  • expanded intro / character creation to give more options in line with current game state. Sliceblade now functions as starter melee primary weapon. C2000 now functions as starter carbine. Player must choose one weapon. Items in seperate selection.
  • fixed X1 being complete trash and added buy option from Division X08 as part of “The Paladin” stage of their mission. slight fixes to X1 handling so it’s an endgame weapon on par with the Scorpion (slightly stronger, but limited by charge mechanic that Scorpion doesn’t have; X1 is slightly cheaper to compensate).
  • fixed hypervelocity bolts not adding plasma effect properly and thus making combustion impossible
  • tweaked 9mm and 9mm_hyper vs friction shields; were doing massive overkill
  • tweaked conductive & tungsten vs “elusive” enemies
  • fixed bug in combat when no weapon of type equipped
  • reduced hits per shot on several plasma / arc weapons that were still at pre combat rework levels
  • fixed issue in Marisa’s branch to the Witchcraft quest which, under specific conditions, forced player into the mission despite there being no need to leave immediately (as stated in dialog). no changes to Fisher’s equivalent branch (as, if player does enlist his help, the dialog implies you must leave now).
  • fixed error which caused game to launch in debug mode
  • fixed arena cyborgs having wrong shield values (were too weak)
  • fixed several lategame abominations (stingcrap #2, cephanine #3) having early game stats
  • added various images to the Low Habs, B29 Utility, Undersprawl, etc to provide flavor and help player orient themselves when maneuvering these sections, since it’s not always clear from the text in which section the player is at any given point in time.
  • various bugfixes
Revision 1.1.9
Date: Apr 18 2021
  • added Son / Daughter of Kobol class as a sort of para-military merc to complete each joinable faction having one class with the default class (Freelancer) being the Raptor’s class.
  • added more SoK shop items so it about evens out to what other shops / factions offer in terms of gear.
  • added alternate route to Raj’s info on Fusion Sphere to SoK
  • various fixes towards combat: added crit damage bonus for semi-auto vs armor and full auto vs shield. added kills limit to combat vs more than one enemy and when using semi auto weapons. curbstomp (kill all enemies in one round) still allowed in arena.
  • re-hashed enemy abilities so in case of being toxin immune all enemies still have one move to do, since enemies don’t use toxin effects if player is concealed.
  • added elemental to witchblade and Gladius as description implies (shock and plasma respectively)
  • additional tweaks to friction shields and enemy difficulty; can no longer play through entire game with starter gear and reach end. fixed numerous stats counters ticking up in arena practice mode; should no longer to this
  • changed status effect modifiers to now be globally calculated (should stop various combat phases using different values due to spaghetti)
  • fixed several “reduce / increase attribute” talents not working
  • added endgame character “statistics” screen that outputs all the tallied info in the “status” variables
  • fixed / updated several codex screens & added a bunch of missing entries
  • various bugfixes
Revision 1.1.8 (continued)
Date: Apr 17 2021
  • changed combat logic so melee attacks always lead to enemy moving first, then player, even when attacking with primary weapon. added melee counter that ticks up on successful hits, providing slight penetration and accuracy bonus, to compensate
  • toxin weapons now scale with accuracy / shots fired since against about half the game the only use for these are applying toxin stacks
  • added elementals to Havoc St0rm and Hav0c since they’re slightly useless; fixed St0rm melee using some ranged attack stats
  • 9mm weapons (non-hyper, non-heavy weapon) with 30+ round magazines now have a slight hit boost (i.e. “cannot miss”) due to these generally having shoddy accuracy or being squad support weapons that should get a little hitting in
  • non-weapon-breaking disarms: now return weapon as “salvage” after battle, making this a temporary disarm (as opposed to: destroy weapon from Stingcrab)
  • further fixes towards melee combat; changes to how parry chance works (higher in melee combat, degrades like armor and shield but less so, 150%-50%). this makes parrying actually useful for deflecting at least one hit, rather than being a gimmick that rarely procced
  • changes to make lategame enemies more challenging. added / tweaked moveset for Paladin, Djinn, and Siren. yet another go at making commandos more deadly without making them tanky. may have over-tweaked
  • related: added armor / shield hit resets in various combat chems
  • added independent contestant gear in the Lavandri deathmatch. added Lavandri fan gear that somehow went under in the last edit (had icon lying around)
  • fixed Lavandri quest breaking on T3 in one case due to incorrect logic
  • added faction icons when the player commits to a class / faction
  • added more status effects to backup (knife) weapons to balance out equipment sets. cyberfist augment now adds shock damage to melee (overrides existing). this prevents backup weapon elemental from applying to cyberfist (which had no flavor and is just odd, logically, since you’re using the fist… not the backup weapon)
  • slight changes to various skills & rework of mesmer non-glam skills so they actually work together and don’t shoe-horn the player into Exubrence build
  • Djinn and Siren now count as unique (named) abominations
  • redid numerous items & icons that had updated version from Cyclus
  • increased number of 9mm rounds Petrovic sells since his prices are so outrageous
  • dazzle now decays -1.5 rather than hard reset to zero after dazzle. dazzle proc now requires 1 full stack to trigger
  • gas now also requires 1 stack to proc and decays slightly faster after proc (25%); can still be chained if you get enough gas on target consistently
  • added starter rifle loot to several random encounters where it made sense
  • refined pay levels (and freelance pay levels) to match the progress bar in the player’s PDA
  • changed enemy slam style attacks to be a response to melee attempts (exo, paladin, djinn)
  • fixes to lavandri champions to make them harder fights
  • fixes to toxin (non canister) vs shield giving too much status
  • various bugfixes
Revision 1.1.8
Date: Apr 14 2021
  • fixes towards visionary quest line not working properly / various bugs fixed. decoupled visionary class from abominated injection. visionary now represents both aspects of the cult better.
  • fixed major issue in visionary quest line which would cause entire station to become inaccessible if one chose certain options
  • added credit drop for turning in the visionary cult. added in several loot options related to the vision cult.
  • redid visionary talents to match lore and gameplay better. removed bioweapons.
  • changed how melee combat works so that melee attacks now damage shields (rather than only doing damage when they penetrate) but now doing much less damage vs shields
  • changed arc discharge weapons to do 50% more vs friction shields (rather than 50% less). plasma still does 50% less vs friction shields.
  • changed enemy damage logic so that, in cases where player has fatigue or toxic effect, the enemy will deal +1 (or +2) armor hits per hit. prevents heavy armor being able to tank through 5+ hits even if player is badly fatigued. changed armor fatigue values to be ~30-50% higher so taking -fatigue talents is worth it; previously heavy armor had comically low values that made heavy armor much too tanky.
  • various bugfixes
Revision 1.1.7
Date: Apr 10 2021
  • added last few missing loot / pickup options
  • added missing codex entries to list
  • aligned codex entry bonus texts to actual ingame effects (mostly)
  • added various enemy moves and better logic handling
  • fixed assorted sound & display bugs
  • added graphics to special usable items & added combat effects matching item type (Fusion Sphere now counts as special item to cover fire category)
  • added railgun tag for railgun armed enemies (does 2x damage vs armor)
  • fixed various combat calculation issues (accuracy not affecting penetration, etc)
  • various artwork reworks
  • fixed various bugs
Revision 1.1.4
Date: Apr 5 2021
  • massive combat damage and status effect overhaul to make combat last longer and be a bit more challenging towards the endgame, meaning the player needs to acquire / use new weapons to get ahead. changed how arc & plasma weapons work and how their charge is spent to prevent cases where spammning arc / plasma alternatingly would stunlock everything into the final fights. similar changes across the board to make using the game’s mechanics in combat more essential. also fixed / tweaked some combat mechanics that either did not work or did not work as intended.
  • added status effect indicators to combat. redid the UI in general slightly so that it shows items you are carrying; some overlapping issues that remain unfixed.
  • added stats displays to most if not all items to better show what they do and what stats this particular item has.
  • changed armor handling so heavier armor can take more hits and lighter armor less; increased armor deflect chances across the board to match new mechanic. same with shields. armor now useless after 3-5 hits (depending on armor class)
  • redid backup weapon (knife) combat to allow enemies to do special moves and special effects to afflict them; a balance change to make combat with backup weapons more dynamic – this also made it possible to avoid all enemy moves by simply using only a good knife. backup weapons can now apply status effects
  • implemented warsmith class (petrovic) and associated mini-quest. warsmith focuses on heavy weapons and armor
  • implemented skindancer class (anska) and added associated items. skindancer focuses on noncombat and status effects
  • expanded PDA gear screen info when InZtinct is active; now displays job performance / diligence and stress level too
  • implemented upgrading of backup weapons (in limited quantity; most knives can’t be upgraded since they are unique pickups)
  • added DRUG (disposable RUG rifle) – implementation fixes for disposable weapon that aren’t the nuke to work
  • changed how fleshmolds work to respect lore; fleshmolds now grow into player’s skin and gain more DR the longer they are worn. Scaling goes from 50% to 150% – note switching between fleshmolds does NOT reset! Only wearing a non-fleshmold item resets this. Logic: well, make something up but this is necessary for balance or fleshmolds are utterly impractical to use. Fleshmolds can now be upgraded at Anska to more powerful versions.
  • added “female” fleshmolds to cover functions (chem, glam) not covered by the existing fleshmold set
  • changed utility suit icon (so it looks like a utility suit now)
  • added several new fasionable outfits and changed Krill Fashion handling slightly (preferenced items vs show all items)
  • changed how recreational chems work so player can buy combat chems from Celena while coming down from prior trip – prior implementation was dumb and impractical
  • changed (hopefully everywhere) Division Zanex text and iconography to match Cyclus lore
  • fixed major oversight which made combat background not appear in online game
  • changed enemy accuracy mechanics to reduce long strings of misses; sequential enemy misses increase enemy accuracy based on initial accuracy (to allow difficulty tweaking); no longer possible to survive endless combat rounds and never get hit due to RNG
  • minor changes to how underbarrel grenade launchers work. related changes to how scattershot works in general to make the round more balanced; less ideal than anti-armor rounds but still useful vs single enemies. vastly reduced multi enemy multipier; scattershot starts gaining damage bonus after 2 enemies present.
  • added baseline flirt options
  • fixed various bugs
Revision 1.1.3
Date: Apr 2 2021
  • introduced skill scaling / “leveling” mechanic for combat-focused inztinct abilities, which might help smooth the progression curve and prevent power spikes upon acquiring combat skills early on in game – helps balance out combat vs noncombat builds and make noncombat skills more appealing early on. to compensante, combat skills (in general) become more powerful as the player gains experience. experience is based on persistent player deeds – switching class will retain any deeds which align with the experience of the new class. experience related to deeds no longer relevant is lost.
  • slight changes to player skills in cases where they were either nonsensical, difficult (or impossible) to achieve, or poorly adjusted
  • changed infection mechanic so that an unarmored or only lightly protected player character is much more likely to become infected when fighting abominations, bringing the dynamic more in line with the filthy nature of Scaffold 22 – most non-abominable opponents cannot infect the player.
  • minor lore-related item additions already established in Cyclus
  • locked out faith-based classes if player choses to side with Division Zanex; related: minor tweaks to characters and reactions to player’s choices
  • various script and logic fixes to bad passages
  • fixed various bugs
Revision 1.1.2
Date: Apr 1 2021
  • fixed logic error which allowed believer (Edenist, Forsaken, Voider) characters to side with Division X08 despite the Division being ideologically theophobic. if the player has now locked in a religious faith, the Division will be antagonistic and result in violence regardless of chosen dialog options now.
  • fixed error which allowed canceling weapons purchases to refil ammo under specific conditions
  • added data pad re-read function to data pads player receives at home
  • minor tweaks to drug effects; FreakOut and UnNerve are no longer straight penalties to ranged combat and both incease crit chance
  • change to how underbarrel status effect weapon modules (dazzle, plasma) work: now has high chance to occur until weapon “ability” has already been used in combat, after which chance decreases. Chance now properly affected by status type skills now.
  • more lore / consistency fixes (theo -> faith, mention of various Cyclus lore)
  • more typo and script fixes across numerous passages
Minor Revision 1.1.1
Date: Mar 31 2021
  • minor fix to dead image link in intro sequence
  • minor fix to display of “offline” HUD – now displays as “offline” rather than as “error”
  • fixed quest state error that allowed Captain Phillips to appear (and thus reset quest state) despite already having found relevant information
  • fixed double image in docks scene (corporate investigation quest)
  • fixed game breaking bug with SoK alt scene (would cause near-infinite random spanws)
  • fixed several minor scripting errors (celena’s hab, fallen shrine)
  • changed ammo capacity for 9mm bolts to 3 mags for sidearm, 4 for primary (+1 respectively) to avoid constant ammo restocks on 9mm-heavy builds
  • minor tweaks to ending(s) to sort of align with Cyclus lore
Patch 1.1
Date: Oct 13 2016
  • implemented confirm dialog when overwriting gear at shops
  • retry option in combat encounters no longer refreshes page
  • fixed bug in audio handler that caused memory leaks
  • reduced number of audio players to 3 to improve performance
  • re-enabled audio on mobile devices
  • fixed various typos and bugs
Patch 1.0.3
Date: Oct 11 2016
  • fixed numerous typos in code & text
  • fixed improper background art sources in combat UI
    Patch 1.0.2
    Date: Oct 5 2016
    • disabled all audio on mobile version due to issues with HTML5
    • properly resized outline of ‘small’ flavor images in mobile layout
      Patch 1.0.1
      Date: Oct 3 2016
      • hotfix to game-breaking content omission in Sons of Kobol questline
      • balance tweak to enemy armor & shield: -5% on single enemies in normal mode
      • balance tweak to enemy armor & shield: -2.5% on all enemies in hardcore mode
      Version 1.0
      Date: Oct 3 2016
      • first official release.