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In this unusually short update, I’d like to announce that the prequel novel to Scaffold 22 – The Municipality – has been published on Amazon Kindle along with an unrelated work of fiction.


In the distant future, War Mistress Arele of the Matriarchy is sent on a last, suicide mission against their great foe, the Municipality. Disgraced and captured by this vile, sexually active offshoot of Humanity, Arele struggles to endure in a world she finds both alien and revolting.

At the same time, the party girl Cora is drafted into the Municipality Expeditionary Force. Bitter and disgusted, she struggles to enjoy her last days of freedom, before she is sent off to die on some nameless rock, for a cause she doesn’t even believe in.

Little do Cora or Arele know that their plights are about to become entwined, as events beyond their control plunge their lives and world views into chaos.

You can read more about this standalone story on our E-Books Page or check the novel out at Amazon here.

Project On Hold

Less joyous is the news that I am going to have to put the Scaffold 22 project on hold until further notice. At present, it’s simply more economic to write and publish traditional fiction in my spare time than finish up this experience and prepare for an improved mobile release.

Unused Artwork: Luxury Tramway
I had a lot of fun with this project, through all the ups and downs and technical issues I ran into along the way. It taught me one hell of a lot about web design, javascript, and of course the Twine / Sugarcube framework it’s built on.

The endeavor kept me focused for over two years, pulling ten to twelve hour days and at times crashing terribly as the game steadily developed into something that – at least in my humble opinion – can stand on it’s own. It’s hard to show just how much the project gained in quality and content but let’s just compare:

Pre-Alpha 0.3

Unreleased 1.2 WIP
I still remember that afternoon I realized artwork was going become a major part of Scaffold 22 and sat down to sketch out the Riptide flavor image. Never imagined that would lead to this illustrated narrative with musical scores, context sounds, animated combat, improved UI and all the other little details that ended up going into the final product.

Long story short, it was a joy to work on and I’m hoping that, in the future, I’ll be able to revisit both Interactive Fiction and Game Design, either as part of the Scaffold 22 project or with a new endeavor.

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