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Scaffold 22 Crusader
It’s been a week since Scaffold 22 was released with a host of issues. Efforts to fix bugs and improve performance are underway. In particular, the audio handler had a bug that caused memory to leak and mobile browsers in particular to crash. A fix for this and several other issues has been uploaded and is live now as version 1.1.
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Kingdom of Atom
Institute Accords

In which Jessie’s alliance becomes even more sinister.

As the Kingdom of Atom spread across the commonwealth with the aid of their raider allies, stealing valuable old-world technology and sending their preachers ever northwards, the Institute began to grow wary of this new ‘foe’. A team of Coursers was dispatched to solve the problem but succeeded only in being destroyed, and revealing the secrets of entering the Institute to Jessie.

Upon first contact, and after heated debate, a pact was formed. Jessie’s cultist and her recently assembled army of raiders would assist the Instituete in their scientific study of the wastelands, in return for aid in the ongoing war against the Brotherhood of Steel, and an agreement of future non-interference. The Institute would go on to establish two research posts on the surface as reports from the Kingdom and their raider allies revealed curiosities worth studying.
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Kingdom of Atom
Escalating Events

In which Raiders raid Raiders and all hell breaks loose in the Commonwealth.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Jessie would become involved with a number of raider gangs operating out of Nuka World. Seeing their value as a potential ally to the budding Kingdom of Atom, which was now in open warfare against the technologically superior Brotherhood of Steel, she made a bid for their allegience. Though the Operators found no interest in her profitless ways and twisted faith, the Disciples came to accept the former raider boss’s sheer ruthlessness, and the Pack found shared interests in the mind-altering aspects of Atom’s glow. With their aid, the assaultron Atomico was restored to full functionality and a war of long-overdue penance was launched against…
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Kingdom of Atom
Author’s Note: due to a recently sustained hand injury, I took a break from gamedev to play a little Fallout and decided to write this little essay to practice the 9 finger system until the injury heals. Hope you enjoy.

After an earlier BoS Outcast roleplay Red Legion, I started another character. Nothing special. The original concept was simple: play a raider. I came up with a basic premise way back during the Wasteland Workshop days and decided to play sneak / demo / commando, forcing myself to use pipe weapons and crappy armor while I built up a little raider gang. To deal with lore, I decided cryostasis had damaged my housewife’s memory beyond repair (lotsa facial scars to show it). She tried to make it right but went insane soon after leaving the vault.

Over the course of several DLCs however, what began as a throwaway experience became considerably more – and I’ve only just scratched the surface of post-plotline development. So, without further ado, let me introduce the roleplay: Kingdom of Atom.
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Kingdom of Atom
Chapels & Shrines

Spreading north and west from the Cathedral at Spectacle Island, first by rowboat and then by foot, the Children of Atom were quick to chance upon the many lesser settlements of the Commonwealth. While some proved to be friendly and allowed missionaries to pass, many were suspicious of these ‘crazy rad junkies’. Often, a more direct show of Atom’s power was required to inspire – or intimidate – the locals.
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On Branching Narrative
I was recently inspired by a reddit discussion to examine the complexities of branching narratives and their effects on game development. Consider a complex narrative such as Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, or Fallout. These games all have one thing in common: choices the player makes as their character affect the world and create unique experiences based on prior decisions – or at least they appear to. The realtiy behind creating such a narrative structure is quite different from the end-user experience.

Using Scaffold 22 as a lightweight example, I’d like to examine how such a world and narrative is built, and how plot options and player agency are created.
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The Visionary
“Humanity evolves through abomination, otherwise called mutation. We’re still alive after so many millennia specifically because of genetic gift. But look at the world of today and what do we see? The Church condemns natural progress with one hand, while with the other they allow cybernetics to infest an entire race. Do you truly believe there’s a future in this narrow-minded, short-sighted, and insultingly discriminatory policy?”
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The Gladiator
“See, I work for the Lavandri Corporation. Bloodsports division. Bet you’ve heard of us. Now, there’s been a lapse in Arena action here on Scaffold 22. Most of the streams folk watch are imported from Cubix. Outdated by months. Bad for reputation, leaves viewers frustrated, all around no-no. But, see, the good news is the Church finally got it in their heads that bread and circuses is good for PR, and they’re letting us re-open the Deathmatch Arena here. So, to cut straight to the point: we at Lavandri want you playing in the Deathmatch.”
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