The Gladiator
“See, I work for the Lavandri Corporation. Bloodsports division. Bet you’ve heard of us. Now, there’s been a lapse in Arena action here on Scaffold 22. Most of the streams folk watch are imported from Cubix. Outdated by months. Bad for reputation, leaves viewers frustrated, all around no-no. But, see, the good news is the Church finally got it in their heads that bread and circuses is good for PR, and they’re letting us re-open the Deathmatch Arena here. So, to cut straight to the point: we at Lavandri want you playing in the Deathmatch.”

– Lavandri representative to Vine


A complete departure from the player character’s chosen career of abomination hunter, the Gladiator is as much an entertainer as a ruthless killer. They have competed in the recently re-opened Lavandri Deathmatch Tournament and decided that a future of fame and fortune is far more lucrative than hunting the abominable in the shadowy recesses of Scaffold 22.

Level B28
Lavandri Arena Lobby
Allegiance & Skills

“It ain’t just about killing plebs…”

– Lavandri Employee to Vine, on the Arena

Every Arena contestant must either pay admission fees or accept support from a registered Arena sponsor. Thus the Gladiator, who has committed wholeheartedly to a career in the Arena, will be loyal either to their sponsor – or to their own arguably selfish interests. The mere act of competing in the Arena, which has only recently been legalized, will no doubt alienate them from certain groups who disdain legally sanctioned murder. Otherwise, they are free to engage in whatever activity they wish outside of their Arena obligations.

Deathmatch Arena
By implication, every Gladiator aims to score big in the Arena, winning the Tournament and move on to the pan-galactic competition hosted on Cubix. They aren’t the only contestant however, and out of 73 Sectors competing for the title of Champion on Scaffold 22, only two will face off, chosen by popular spectator vote. Those who fail to qualify – and then win in the Championship – have no choice but to tide the season over working side jobs, in the case of the Player Character, their old vocation of Abomination Hunter.

There is however no obligation for the Champion to enter in the pan-galactic competition, and some Arena Champions prefer to secure a relatively safe career in local tournament ladders. Whatever choice the Gladiator chooses, they are highly skilled fighters, and often highly recognizable public figures who have amassed considerable fortunes over their time in the Arena.

Wilkin’s Riptide Foyer
Arena Championship Even
The Gladiator’s gruesome dualistic nature of killer and entertainer is represented in their InZtinct sheet, which groups available skills into three loose categories:


Utterly dedicated to Bloodsports, some Gladiators endeavor to stage the most elaborately vicious deathmatches. Plamsa, gas, and shock eruptions combined with gruesome executions in close combat are sure to garner the audience’s approval – albeit not without risk to the contestant.


aving trained extensively with weapons and armor, some Gladiators put on seemingly picture-perfect performances, constantly on the move and incapable of error. Though less entertaining to watch, such conduct is often what allows a Gladiator to reach the Championship alive.


Experts at leveraging their fame and fortune to their benefit even outside the Arena, many Gladiators can arrange favorable deals, talk they way in and out of trouble, and – in the case of those who’ve earned their title in the Championship – even avoid laws lesser citizens are forced to abide by.

Regardless of how a Gladiator makes use of their training, fame, and fortune, they are a force to be reckoned with both within and without the Arena. Though many may wish to challenge a real Gladiator, hoping against hope to inherit their fame, few have the skills to stand against them. Woe betide anyone who dares face someone who’s willingly committed to a career of ritualized murder, slaughtering fellow humans for the sake of fame, fortune, or sheer sadistic pleasure in the Deathmatch Arena.

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