Kingdom of Atom
Escalating Events

In which Raiders raid Raiders and all hell breaks loose in the Commonwealth.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Jessie would become involved with a number of raider gangs operating out of Nuka World. Seeing their value as a potential ally to the budding Kingdom of Atom, which was now in open warfare against the technologically superior Brotherhood of Steel, she made a bid for their allegience. Though the Operators found no interest in her profitless ways and twisted faith, the Disciples came to accept the former raider boss’s sheer ruthlessness, and the Pack found shared interests in the mind-altering aspects of Atom’s glow. With their aid, the assaultron Atomico was restored to full functionality and a war of long-overdue penance was launched against…

Starlight Arena

Author’s Note: Like most earlier Raider settlements, the Arena is virtually unchanged from its original inception. The only difference is that I ripped out the original slave gardens to make room for the surgical playroom and arcade. The Arena itself is accessible via a stairway that connects to the interior ‘cage’ walkway. There’s also a second entrance to the facility not pictured, which exits to the left of the drive-in screen and allows guards to properly patrol from the guard posts at the front of the arena to the rear.

Converted out of an old drive-in turned baseball stadium and once the base of operations for Jessie’s Raiders, the Arena was targeted by the Disciples, who wiped out the old garrison and repurposed the location for their needs. Nearby settlements were violently re-subjected to Disciple rule, and even bloodier games were soon orchastrated in the already blood-stained Arena.

Southern barricade and main entrance to the Arena (not quite visible), with wind turbine atop the announcer’s hut. Most outsiders who arrive at the Arena are shot on sight, and screams can often be heard from behind the barbed wire fences that surround this sinister place. Even priests of Atom do not venture near.

View from inside the arena towards the ‘fron’t of the settlement. The raised viewing deck and bar is clearly visible, while the caged interior walkway can just be seen below. The ‘holes’ in the base of the arena are intended for corpse disposal but have never been used as I’ve never actually staged a fight up ’till now.

The viewing cage, connecting the front entrance to the surgical ‘playroom’, the arcade, and the deck above, is the preferred hangout for Disciples during storms. Magazines depicting gratuitous violence are kept nearby to tide over the intermissions between fights.

The arena arcade is a Disciple favorite during slow days, furnished with machines resembling those in their ‘home town’ of Nuka World. Proceeds are donated to the Kingdom of Atom out of respect – for their mininukes.

Pack Stilt Post

Author’s Note: there were several more Disciple takeovers during this phase of the RP but none of them resulted in settlements worth displaying. At present, they control the north-west of the map with outposts and vassals reaching down to Egert. Most of their vassals were former slave pens, with the most notable being the Greygarden outpost mentioned above. The only place they don’t control in that area is Hangman, which is a small Atom shrine and serves as a supply line link. None of this is worth showing. This little marvel of Ai pathing however is…

Following the Disciple bloody siege of Jessie’s old slaver posts, the Pack moved a permanent scout force into the marshlands in the southern Commonwealth, establishing a brightly lit tribute to their home in these dangerous swamps. Like the Disciples, they accepted a tentative alliance with the Kingdom of Atom, agreeing to remain well clear of their arsenal of nuclear weapons in return for certain radioactive ‘gifts’.

Stilt Post is built above the soggy marshland, with the Nuka Cola ornament clearly visible from a distance. Pack raiding parties often depart from here, foraging north into the ruins of Boston for slaves and assorted fuzzy ornaments.

The pack Clubhouse is heavily fortified, with an ample supply of booze and sitting arrangements inside. It is connected to neighboring areas via a raised walkway, ensuring the Pack’s apparel does not soak itself in the soggy marshland mud.

Specializing in haute-quisine of dubious rapport, the Cookhouse lies directly opposite the clubhouse. Less fortunate members of the Pack camp here, amidst the stink and foul odors of their colleagues.

That concludes the core settlements for the various raider gangs recruited during this roleplay.

Kingdom of Atom continues in Part VI: Institute Accords