Kingdom of Atom
Author’s Note: due to a recently sustained hand injury, I took a break from gamedev to play a little Fallout and decided to write this little essay to practice the 9 finger system until the injury heals. Hope you enjoy.

After an earlier BoS Outcast roleplay Red Legion, I started another character. Nothing special. The original concept was simple: play a raider. I came up with a basic premise way back during the Wasteland Workshop days and decided to play sneak / demo / commando, forcing myself to use pipe weapons and crappy armor while I built up a little raider gang. To deal with lore, I decided cryostasis had damaged my housewife’s memory beyond repair (lotsa facial scars to show it). She tried to make it right but went insane soon after leaving the vault.

Over the course of several DLCs however, what began as a throwaway experience became considerably more – and I’ve only just scratched the surface of post-plotline development. So, without further ado, let me introduce the roleplay: Kingdom of Atom.

Early Years

In which the northern Commonwealth is terrorized and enslaved.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots of my early gameplay as this was before XBOne allowed screenshot sharing without live gold, so I never took any. Simply put however, the slave empire began at Starlight Drive-in with a massive Arena and later expanded south to Greygarden and East to the Slog, then south again toward Nordhagen Beach. Each settlement captured or exterminated was turned into a slave pen while raiders stood guard. You’ll see what became of those settlements later. First, let’s introduce the…

Kingdom of Atom

In which Jessie finds her salvation in radiation poisoning.

Following the Far Harbor DLC, Jessie traveled to the Island (now playing the then-new survival mode) and soon became enthralled by the sheer power and promises of purity made by the Cult of Atom. Over the course of her time on the Island, she would slowly progress from a ragged raider to a fanatical zealot. Atom’s glow purged her of her former mental scars and, trained by an ex-member of the Enclave, Jessie became fearsome enforcer of Atom’s will. Equipped with powerful pre-war tech and shielded by her twisted faith, Jessie would return to the Commonwealth and establish the Kingdom of Atom, beginning with the…

Spectacle Cathedral

Author’s Note: due to issues early in survival, I ran out of supplies while the Cathedral was just a foundation. At the very moment I wanted to hike back to Diamond City for supplies, a Gunner attack spawned. I barely managed to hold by hiding in the skeletral structure, using the gamma gun to pick of three legendaries who’d holed up on the other side of the foundation (where the cathedral windows now are). It was an awesome firefight and in the RP cemented Jessie’s belief that the power of Atom had no equal, even back home.

Built from the skeletral structure of an unfinished pre-war warehouse, the Spectacle Cathedral began its existence as an improvized prayer hall. It quickly evolved into a sprawling shanty town with countless walkways, huts, and improvized shops cluttered around the original warehouse. An agricultural area was added later to sustain the mounting number of believers and pilgrims risking the waters of the Bay to visit the capitol of the rapidly growing Kingdom of Atom.
Prayer Hall and Spiral of Atom at night, seen from upper interior walkway. Radiation vents are installed on ground level to irradiate an entire congregation as Atom demands. Dining hall and apothecary are located behind the camera but not fleshed out enough to warrant images.

Original loading dock, since converted to a marketplace, with the workshop area in back. Two loading doors can be lowered individually, sealing off the Cathedral proper and the outer wall as needed.

Agricultural area and storage shed beside the main warehouse. Volunteers work in the fields under the watchful gaze of Atom’s Sentinels, who walk the upper walkways with their eyes peeled for their old foe, the Gunners.

Entry area as seen from near the waterfront. Pilgrims often stop here to rest and browse at the local shops before entering the Cathedral proper for prayer.

Vault of Atom

Author’s Note: Originally I wanted to style Vault 88 like the Sentinel Site and implement it as a weapons storage bunker supplied via the train network there and claimed by Jessie due to its atomic arsenal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hoard enough Fat Men or mininukes on survival to flesh out the atmosphere, so I had to simplify the design. This was before I started modding my savefile, but I never bothered to redecorate as the setting was already too elaborate to rebuild.

Originally a vault intended to house a heavily armed military contingent, the Kingom of Atom stumbled across this facility shortly after their preachers departed west in search of fellow children of the glow. Within a matter of days, they claimed the vault and converted the atrium into a massive prayer hall. The original munitions store and loading lift remains intact, while the remaining vault has been re purposed as a sanctuary for the faithful.

Now the followers of Atom congregate in the three-leveled ammunition storage area. The original munition stockpile remains locked safely away in crates, untouched by these religious fanatics, who consider them sacred relics.

An exception to this rule was made with the Siegebreaker Assaultron prototype known as Atomico, which was found wandering the hallways of the Vault in disrepair, and later restored with some help from a raider named Gage.

Due to security concerns, the main vault door now remains firmly sealed, and believers come and go through two rear entrances that lead to the destroyed settlement of University Point. A nearby security checkpoint checks everyone entering the vault for the required minimum dose of radiation poisoning.

The original overseer’s office, which overlooks an underground munitions train station, has since been claimed by the High Inquisitor and redecorated appropriately. Due to frequent power shortages caused by an ageing reactor, alternate light sources have become common throughout the vault.

The original diner, rife with the same old government-sponsored propaganda which lines all the hallways of the vault, now serves irradiated dishes for the faithful. The soda machine, its inner workings contaminated by two decades of decay, is a particular favorite among the current residents.

That concludes the core settlements for the Cult and their founding events.

Kingdom of Atom continues in Part II: Chapels & Shrines