Kingdom of Atom
Chapels & Shrines

Spreading north and west from the Cathedral at Spectacle Island, first by rowboat and then by foot, the Children of Atom were quick to chance upon the many lesser settlements of the Commonwealth. While some proved to be friendly and allowed missionaries to pass, many were suspicious of these ‘crazy rad junkies’. Often, a more direct show of Atom’s power was required to inspire – or intimidate – the locals.

Nordhagen Chapel

Author’s Note: this settlement was built very early on and later modified with the Chapel. The outer buildings visible in the second screenshot were much later additions, mostly to cover the food needs of expanding settlements. They do help break up the shape of the settlement though; nominally, it’s a concrete block with an interior ‘pen’ for farming.

Located atop the Nordhagen Slave Block, the Chapel was established by two priests of Atom who chanced upon the location while journeying north from their sacred Cathedral. Though initially confrontational, Jessie’s Raiders relented when their former boss demanded compliance on under threat of nuclear annihilation.

Nordhagen Slave Pen seen from afar. Restrictions on slaves have eased since the Cult’s arrival. The raiders abide by the Kingdom’s rules, affording basic liberties to all true believers. The monolithic concrete structure now serves as a launching point for believers – especially former slaves – wishing to pilgrim to the Cathedral by rowboat.
Atom Munitorium

Author’s Note: located at Finch Farm, it’s controlled by a central terminal. Its only real use is spitting out .45 rounds via two conveyor belts, but it can be reconfigured to dump out processed food. All products are dumped in the same bathtub located just outside the entrance for dramatic effect (making it all line up was a real pain though).

Originally one of Jessie’s Raiders’ slave outposts, the Cult of Atom arrived here not long after the Norhagen Chapel was established. Its proximity to the Saragus Ironworks made the location ideal for the establishment of a fully automated munitions factory.

The food processing plant, seen here, was later added at the request of the Kingdom. Many of the components used in its construction were shipped from the remaining stockpile of warehouse parts used in the construction of the Sanctuary Island Cathedral.
Greygarden Shrine

Author’s Note: unfortunately, this settlement is bugged for me – a downed Vertibird pilot glitched out and is now permanently under attack, so I can’t get any sweeping daytime screens as everyone is always shooting. You get shitty nocturnal shots instead.

The greygarden overwatch, a Raider outpost established by Jessie during her early years, overlooks the ‘enslaved’ robots working in the pastures below. It is the northernmost location a priest of Atom has reached, and currently deep in Disciple territory.

Located on the overpass itself is the shrine to Atom’s glory. Due to lack of proper materials, the locals used a pre-war poster depicting atomic munitions as their centerpiece and religious icon. Due to its remote location, the Greygarden shrine is seldom visited, though periodic missions are sent here to seek out locals willing to accept the truth ofAtom’s glow.
That concludes the core settlements for the Cult and their chapels & shrines.

Kingdom of Atom continues in Part III: Escalating Events