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The Edenite
“Drifting, awash in seas of darkness, forlorn souls lost amidst the great void. The brief flame of existence, lit by nature’s wonder, strays across the galaxy without purpose or direction. A brief flicker of emotion and sensation, a split second we call ‘life’, which soon fades as the shadow of inevitability commits its ceaseless genocide upon hopes and dreams. This is humanity. And this is all we shall ever be.
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The Atheist
“Belief’s a funny thing, Father. You’d think where life is worst, people would just be begging for a piece of Eden. Then take a look at B Sector. Folk everywhere. Millions. Billions for all I fucking know, just trying to scrape by, living in three by three square with no income – and no washtubes, for fuck’s sake. You really think even one of ’em trusts the Church?
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Red Legion

The Brotherhood of Steel is broken, betrayed by an outcast from within their own ranks. All that remains of the Institute is a smoking crater where the CIT campus used to stand. Rumors the Railroad were involved circulate on the airwaves. Some hope the Commonwealth has finally returned to its natural state of chaos. Yet of late the Scavvers are nervous.

Unknown figures in blood red Power Armor have been sighted, arriving and departing the mainland in a lone Vertibird which disappears toward Spectacle Island. And when the night is dark and fog thick, blurred lights shine in the mists above the Atlantic. A specter of grandeur in the east, some say. Others fear another shadow is about to befall the Commonwealth.
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